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Murder at the Malt Shop Written by Cheri L. Maxson Performed with permission by the Pioneer Drama Inc. April 19th and 20th in room 133 The Drama Room Tickets are $6.00 at the door (or cash on line.)


It’s the fabulous 50s and the little town of Shingleville is rife with suspicion and speculation.  Sprout’s Malt Shop is filled with quirky characters, and one them is guilty of murder!  After all, they all have a motive when the reprehensible and unreasonable Jerry Atrick falls over dead after an unexpected blackout.  It’s up to Sheriff Colin Allcars to find out who is responsible for the foul play.  Was it the trouble-making greaser, Noah Count?  Or the bubbly and annoying know-it-all cheerleader, Bobbie Pinz?  Surely not her sidekick, Shirley Knott!  Could it have been the waitress, Dee Lighted, who takes your order but brings you whatever she feels like?  How about the sultry starlet or the dim-witted jock? 

Our R.E.A.L program will be performing the play Exposed a play about Bullying and Sexting. This will be performed for the Peterborough regional Sears Festival happening in February of 2017.

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